Canadian authorities said on 2 June 2022 that refugees from Ukraine arriving in the country will receive a lump sum payment.

Refugee status in Canada for Ukrainians 2022: Features, processing, benefits

Canadian authorities said on 2 June 2022 that refugees from Ukraine arriving in the country will receive lump-sum payments. In addition to the fact that in early March the government launched a special assistance programme for Ukrainians, the prospect of moving to Canada has become an attractive argument. The portal reports

On March 3, 2022, the Government of Canada announced the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel programme for Ukrainians to enter the country. By participating in this programme, our compatriots will be able to
Stay in the country legally for 2 years or more
gain access to education and employment;
Benefit from medical services.

The application process for the Canada-Ukraine Authorisation for Emergency Travel (CUAET) started on 17 March. Refugees need to apply for a Canadian visitor visa and an application for an open work permit for 3 years.
Ukrainians and their closest relatives can apply for this assistance and stay in Canada legally for 2-3 years. Children have the right to register and start education in one of the Canadian schools, but it is possible only after they arrive in the country.
In order to make travelling to Canada easier, the government has launched charter flights from Poland for Ukrainians. Three of them have already been successfully realized:
  • May 23 to Winnipeg (Manitoba)
  • 29 May to Montreal (Quebec)
  • 2 June in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ukrainians are guaranteed free accommodation for 14 days upon arrival.
Can you apply for refugee status in Canada 2022?
It is important to understand that the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel procedure and refugee status are not the same thing. Refugee status is difficult to obtain in Canada, and the war in Ukraine is not a reason to approve your application. Generally, those who experience discrimination on the basis of gender or race are granted refugee status, otherwise the person is deported from the country.
Therefore, many experts advise you not to focus on your refugee status and apply for an Authorization for Emergency Travel.
Assistance to refugees in Canada 2022
The Canadian government is helping war-affected Ukrainians adjust to their new circumstances. Government officials said that the Ukrainians who came to Canada would receive a lump sum of 3,000 Canadian dollars (about 2,400 USD). Children under 17 are entitled to $1,500 CAD ($1,200 USD).
To get the money, you need:
  • A work or study permit;
  • Temporary residence permit;
  • Documentation showing you are enrolled in the CUAET program.
Next, open an account with a Canadian bank, go to the official government website and apply for the lump-sum payment. The money will reach your account within 5 days.