About four months after the initiation of the process of assessing 38 criminal cases that were presumably started based on political reasons, the Prosecutor General’s Office said the examination group took decisions on nine of these cases. It was thus decided to drop the cases under investigation started against Ludmila Kozlovska, Nina Cereteu, Valentin Eșanu and Andrian Borș. It was also decided to drop the charges of murder attempt on German Gorbuntsov against David Davitean.

Prosecutors to drop a number of purportedly political criminal cases


As regards lawyer Ana Ursachi, it was decided to annul the remand detention ordered against her and to drop the search case.

As to the cases pending at courts of law, it was decided to stop the trial against Valentin Eșanu.

Also, as regards the cases in which the sentence is being served, the Prosecutor General’s Office decided to start the procedure for reviewing the case started against Olga Punga and initiated the procedure for suspending the sentence.

The PGO appealed against the sentence given to convict Arslan Safarmatov, combatant with a disability degree, but the Supreme Court of Justice rejected the appeal. The Buiucani office of the Chisinau City Prosecutor’s Office is now examining the convict’s application to review his case.

The courts of law are to soon pronounce on the other pending criminal cases. The hearings in these cases have been put off owing to the special working regime of the courts.

By an order made by Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, a special group was set up to assess and monitor a number of cases based on the PACE statements and Report, the assertions of NGOs, civic activists, representatives of political parties and the requests made to the PGO. A list of purportedly political criminal cases was compiled and is now being examined.


Source: ipn.md