Practices of abduction and transmission of persons to the structures of Tiraspol regime continue

On July 31, 2018, Promo-LEX Association, together with the lawyer Veaceslav Turcan, organized a Press Conference raising concerns about the continued illegal practices of abduction and transmission of people to the structures of the Tiraspol regime.

Numerous cases have been recorded over the years, when representatives of the militia of the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova abducted people and transported them to the territory, outside the control of constitutional authorities.

Recently, on July 27, while traveling on the Chisinau-Leuseni route, the former head of the so-called Interior Department of the Transnistrian region, Ghenadii Kuzmiciov, was stopped by a crew of the National Patrol Inspectorate for a routine check. Meanwhile, another vehicle, with no license plates, drew up, four masked men got out of it, forced Ghenadii Kuzmiciov to the ground, took all the papers from the hands of the police officers, detained Kuzmiciov and disappeared, taking him directly to the city of Tiraspol.

Ion Manole, Executive Director of Promo-LEX Association, says „there are signs of abduction in this case and it is extremely worrying that constitutional law enforcement agencies would have participated in this abduction. If it is demonstrated that the police are involved, this may later serve as an argument for Moldova’s conviction at the European Court of Human Rights, together with the Russian Federation, because the actions of the authorities contain abusive elements, demonstrating that constitutional authorities did not create efficient mechanisms to defend human rights and to guarantee the rights of the persons, who are on the territory of the country on a legal basis”.

Promo-LEX Association condemns the practices of collaboration between the constitutional police authorities and illegal structures in Transnistria. The Association reiterates that, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, justice is only carried out by the constitutional authorities that have to decide on the application of the legal provisions.

According to Kuzmiciov’s relatives, after being detained, he was maltreated and refused the necessary medical assistance.

„Such unlawfulness could not have been committed without the top leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the minister, being unaware. In such situations, in a civilized state, given the conditions of the Republic of Moldova, the authorities should give public explanations about the incident and inform citizens about the measures taken to prevent such situations from happening again. Another serious thing is that even the lawyer cannot find out details of the charges brought to Kuzmiciov, or his current health condition”, lawyer Veaceslav Turcan, said