The Chairman of the Democratic Party, the ‘executive coordinator’ of the Moldovan ruling coalition Vlad Plahotniuc will be using all his political, administrative and media resources to upset the massive action of protest to be held in Chisinau on June 11, believe the leadership of the Partidul Nostru [Our Party].

OP Deputy Chairperson Elena Gritco told a news conference on Monday that during the latest protesting organized by Our Party, its activists and supporters came across a multitude of artificial problems created deliberately by the so-called democratic authorities.

In her words, Plahotniuc was exerting pressure through the National Transport Agency (ANTA), whose executive officers convened an emergency meeting of relevant officials in Balti city on the eve of the protesting.

“They warned local representatives that transporters and taxi services, which will render services to people heading to action of protest in Chisinau, shall be deprived of their business licenses. In the Falesti raion [the native place of Our Party Chairman Renato Usatii], there were instances of puncturing the tires of Our Party activists’ cars. On the protesting day, all roads to Chisinau were patrolled by ANTA representatives who did not let cars and buses to go to Chisinau”, said Elena Gritco.

OP Deputy Chairman Dumitru Ciubasenco, a prominent Moldovan journalist in the recent past, stated that such actions by Plahotniuc are proving that he is not sure of his omnipotence.

“He is afraid of such massive protesting that can upset his plans of changing the current electoral system and of thus remaining at power. But even the foreign sponsors providing him with financial means will not be able to correct his image of a bandit”, stated Dumitru Ciubasenco.

Our Party leader Renato Usatii, hiding in Moscow from what he calls “the Plahotniuc justice of Moldova” since August 2016, also took part in the news conference by means of the Internet. He said that the protesting is making Plahotniuc nervous and exhausted “because the level of the popular wrath has been high as never before”.

“He is trying to use his entire power over the Moldovan law enforcement and mass media to blacken and suppress all those who disagree with his policy. I constantly hear accusations of my ordering assassinations. Some people are even trying to link my name to the attempted murder of Vlad Plahotniuc himself. Tonight, I will show on my Facebook page a documentary headlined “Moldova – the Territory of Lawlessness” about the powers that be. The film is based exclusively on authentic, verified information. Our citizens must at last learn the truth about Vlad Plahotniuc and his surrounding”, stated Renato Usatii.


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