An impressive majority of Moldova citizens, namely 69.1% of them, believe that the country is marching in a wrong direction, and only 22.4% presume differently, as per the findings of the opinion poll presented by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers on Monday.

According to the pollsters, an analogous opinion was expressed also by interviewed Moldovan experts, of whom 68.5% believe Moldova is moving in a wrong direction and 24.1% — in a correct direction.

Among the things that are worrying Moldova citizens the most are poverty – 32.8% respondents, the constant growth of prices on foodstuffs and utilities – 23.2%, corruption and crime – 18.1%, unemployment – 12.5%, political instability – 10.7%, an adverse demographic situation and mass-scale migration – 9.1%, children’s future – 8.7%.

According to Association Chairman Victor Mocanu, for the first time over a fairly long period of time, political instability has found itself among the top 5 concerns worrying the citizens of Moldova. In previous years, this problem used to remain not higher than the 9th opposition in terms of importance.

“This concern is being caused by endless debates between political forces. Citizens are worrying that due to the lack of a consensus, the country will have to hold a snap election and thus to spend extra tens of millions lei from the State Budget, which is fraught with a cancellation of pension and salary increases. Also, situation is totally unclear with the ordinary local elections [the previous elections were held in June 2015]”, said the expert.

The research has shown that over a quarter of the Moldova population (25.4%) have no money enough even for the most necessary things. Another 41% citizens can afford only the most necessary purchases, 22.2% said their incomes are sufficient for “a worthy living”, but without expensive things. 5.3% stated they actually have means enough for buying luxury things, but only occasionally and at the expense of reducing expenditures in other spheres of life. And only 1.9% stated they are well-off enough to afford anything.

Mocanu believes that the above results are indicative of the absence of a middle class in Moldova, without which a stable society is impossible.