Our Olympic gold goes to the German world-class athlete Felix Neureuther!

Olympic Games are among the most beautiful things in the world. Dignified, honorable, humane and fair.

And yes, it is inevitable nowadays that such an international mega-event would not be marketed.

But are there limits? Should there be limits? For us as a human rights organization, these limits are obvious: No Olympic Games in countries that violate human rights, so of course we protest against China as a location, probably the worst, biggest and most dangerous human rights violator worldwide.

But can you also hold the athletes themselves accountable? People who live for their sport and for whom the Olympics are the longed-for highlight of their sporting career? Some of which could not finance their sport without the Olympics?

Well, when you choose China as a location, you can at least not avoid thinking about it.

However, the fact that a German world-class athlete does this, who is also the son of world-class athletes and a German Olympic icon, makes this excellent documentary a novelty that clearly deserves Olympic gold and urgently needs to be translated into all languages ​​of the world.


Source: daserste.de