Moldovan authorities exert pressure on the structures of the Council of Europe


Elena Gritco, Deputy Chairperson of the opposition Partidul Nostru [Our Party, OP], maintains that Moldovan authorities representatives are doing their utmost to prevent her taking floor at the Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CLRAE) being held in Strasbourg.

According to her, to this end the Moldovan Government has sent “a whole delegation” to Strasbourg, and the Republic of Moldova’s Permanent Representative at the Council of Europe, Corina Calugaru, “is virtually terrorizing the Congress leadership for the sake of preventing my address to the forum”.

“But the Chisinau representatives have confused the organizations and the countries. They forget that they are not in Moldova and not in their own Prosecutor General’s Office. And the stronger they were insisting on crossing me out from the list of speakers, the more confidence I was gaining concerning the absolute necessity of my speech. The Moldovan authorities really have things to conceal, if they are insisting so strongly on my exclusion from the agenda”, Elena Gritco wrote on her Facebook page.


The EU ambassador noted he is concerned about the information coming from Moldova’s regions about the fact that the people are subject to pressure over their political affiliation