In early Sunday morning on 6th November, 2022, ISHR Latvian Section received 106th Humanitarian aid transport from IGFM Wittlich working group. It came after a longer break and is much needed by people here.

Less than 2 million inhabitants – highest inflation rate in Europe – 40,000 Ukrainian refugees

Pandemic has left a great impact on peoples lives and welfare. Moreover, Russia’s war in Ukraine has forced to huge numbers of Ukrainians to flee their homeland across Europe, also to Latvia (around 40 000). The war also worsened the European economy and it is thoroughly felt in Latvia. Energy costs for households in some regions have raised even four times. We also have one of the highest inflation rates (more than 22%) in Europe next to other Baltic states which affects every area of life.

Humanitarian aid sorely needed

With the received humanitarian aid we can help our people in need to alleviate financial burden by offering them colthing, footwear furniture and household items which is important to survive the coming winter. It will also be distributed to Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Latvia and settled down here to improve their living conditions while they cannot return to their home country. We will also try to reach with aid Belarussian political refugees who have fled to Latvia after fraudulent elections in Belarus in 2020. Humanitarian aid will be distributed in Tukums and Jelgava and other regions of Latvia. This time the transport was unloaded and the aid will be distributed also by the help of our Ukrainian friends.

Many thanks to Germany, to the AG Wittlich and the ISHR honorary chairwoman Katrin Bornmüller

In the name of people who receives the aid we express our deepest gratitude to IGFM Wittlich working group for their help and work organizing this transport and all the transports before, and German people for their support and donations to the Working group. And we say a special thank you to Mrs. Katrin Bornmüller, leader of the Working group, for her unselfish devotion to human rights and humanitarian aid for Latvian people and people around the World for many, many years. God bless you!

R. Lazda
ISHR Latvia