In just one month there have been 22% more homeless Ukrainian families in England. British sponsors of the “Home for Ukraine” programme can provide them with accommodation for a maximum of six month

Photo: The Independent | The problem with Ukrainian refugees will worsen in the coming months

The number of homeless Ukrainian families in England is growing rapidly – 22% more in 1 month – and local authorities are demanding urgent solutions from the government. This was reported by the Independent newspaper.

Since February, 24, about 1,915 Ukrainian households at risk of homelessness have turned to local authorities for help, with 350 displaced families seeking help in the last month alone.

Charities have warned that the problem will worsen in the coming months as agreements with sponsors of the “Home for Ukraine” programme come to an end. 25% of them said they would provide housing for six months or less.

Around 70% of Ukrainian refugees arrived with children. According to statistics, 585 families participating in the “Home for Ukraine” programme applied for help after their housing arrangements collapsed. Another 415 families found themselves in a similar situation.

Others were unable to find accommodation when they arrived in the UK or it was unsuitable. Liberal MP Layla Moran calls on the government to act decisively.

“Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s war machines should be supported by the UK. It is important that sponsors’ support increases as inflation and energy costs rise,” she mentioned.

Lord Harrington, minister for refugees under Boris Johnson’s government, has called on the Treasury to increase refugee payments from £350 to £700 because of the rising living costs.

“Home for Ukraine” – how does it work?

The UK “Home for Ukraine” programme was opened on March, 18. From this day, Ukrainians apply for visas under the programme for Ukrainian applicants who have resident sponsors in the UK.

Resident sponsors can be relatives, friends and acquaintances who are legally residents in the UK and want to host Ukrainian refugees. The application form can be completed by a Ukrainian or a British sponsor.

New applications to the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government as a sponsor are currently on hold.