Missing Children hotlines

Foto: Alexandru Chiriac Kiri. R. Moldova. Беженцы из Украины на вокзале Кишинева садятся на поезд в Румынию

The war on Ukraine has led to more than 3 million Ukrainians, mainly women and children seeking refuge abroad, putting them at risk of separation and going missing.

European harmonised number for Missing Children hotline (116 000) is available in all 27 EU Member States, Albania, Serbia, Switzerland and the UK. Anyone can call 116000 to report a missing child. Missing Children hotlines work closely with local law enforcement and provide legal, psychological, and practical support to children and parents who are looking for each other.

116 000 hotline

In 32 countries across Europe, organisations operate the 116 000 hotline providing a free and 24/7 service to children (at risk of) going missing and their families. Anyone involved in a case of child disappearance (the child, a peer, a friend, a family member, carer or teacher) can call 116 000 and receive immediate emotional, psychological, social, legal and administrative support. In most member states, the services can also be reached through a variety of different text-based communication platforms such as a chat service.

Check out the full list of hotlines here.


Source: missingchildreneurope.eu