Monitoring the criminal trial of Mekhti Logunov (session 11.04.19)

On April 11 the appeal of Mekhti Logunov on the verdict of the court was supposed to take place. We will remind, Mekhti Logunov (born in 1934), a citizen of Ukraine, holds a Ph.D. in technical science was sentenced (on July 30, 2018) to 12 years in prison under article 111 (treason). The trial, as well as the announcement of the verdict,  took place behind closed doors, without the presence of relatives, representatives of human rights organizations and the media.

However, the meeting did not take place. The official reason why it was canceled: the court hall for the hearing of such case which has classified information wasn’t prepared. Earlier, on December 18, 2018, when the same appeal complaint had to be considered, the judge fell ill.

The Secretary of the court session reported that the new meeting in the case was postponed to September 3, 2019 and provided a certificate stating that according to the changes in the provision of the law “On amendments to some legislative acts, regarding the enforcement of the rights of participants in criminal proceedings and other persons by law enforcement agencies, during the pre-trial investigation” of 16.07.2017, the procedure for the use of video recording technical devices during the trial changed.

But that exact hall where the meeting was supposed to take place, didn’t manage to prepare.

At the hearing were representatives of the ISHR and the OSCE mission. Mekhti Logunov was not brought to the court; his lawyer also did not appear. However, the registry of the court did not make changes to the schedule of hearings on the official website of the judiciary of Ukraine and the case was planned for consideration.

Despite the fact that the appeal hearing will also be held behind closed doors, the International Society for Human Rights will continue its monitoring. We hope that the court will not delay the date of consideration of the case of M. Logunov until September and will appoint a meeting for the near future. Because the verdict in the case has not yet entered into force and the 84-year-old man is waiting for appeal for 9 months. All this time Mekhti Logunov spent in jail.

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