Justice system is so vitiated that it should be changed fundamentally

The justice system in the Republic of Moldova is so vitiated that it should be changed fundamentally. The prosecution service should be disbanded and a new institution should be created. In the current situation, the keeping of the current prosecution service and of the people of the current system is absolutely counterproductive as these will block the loud cases for a period of time either the political system is changed or not. The issue was developed in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

Journalistic Vitalie Călugăreanu said he hopes things in justice can yet improve. According to him, there are yet good people in the prosecution service. “I know patriotic people from the system who simply wait for the moment,” stated the journalist, noting a political change is needed for this moment to come.

“We now do not have the conditions needed for these people to go out of anonymity. If they do this now, they would have the fate of Domnica Manole (e.n. judge removed from the system). Or they will have criminal cases started against them or will be told nicely to leave the system. So, there is no use. When things change at political level, these people will become vocal and the processes on which they count will start to produce the end result,” stated the journalist.

Vitalie Călugăreanu said the change in the Romanian justice system started with four prosecutors who had a free hand.

Anticorruption expert Mariana Kalughin said the question is how the current political class can be substituted with another one when important state institutions are kept in fear. The flame of change in the legal system will be generated rather by the people, by protests, if they are very well supported. The replacement of the prosecutor general is a solution for things in the system to begin to change. “When politicians come and speak about the dismissal of a prosecutor at all costs, I start to fear these will be tempted to go on and will follow the same scheme,” stated the expert.