Ana Ursachi, who believes that the politicians and the representatives of the system are equally to blame for such a state of affairs. According to her, such political interference as that witnessed since 2016 hasn’t existed in Moldova even ten years ago.


Justice in Moldova has worsened during past few years

“Besides political revenge, the possibility of speaking on the phone from politician to prosecutor, of paying unofficial salaries to prosecutors as Plahotniuc did… This led to the basic dashing of any hopes that – having in important posts in the justice system protagonists who worked during the time of Plahotniuc (Vladimir Plahotniuc, ex-leader of the PDM, e.n.) – we can build justice,” the lawyer stated in a video interview for IPN.

Ana Ursachi said that even if an improvement, particular resistance of some of the judges to the political persecution of businessmen have been seen, this is not enough because there is a list of people who were devoted to the “Plahotniuc regime”. These left an imprint and are the shame of the Republic of Moldova at international level. Until these people are part of the system, there will be no justice here. These people should leave. Those who were involved in politically motivated and illegal cases should leave the system and young specialists with dignity should come instead of them.

She noted that the message addressed to the West by the representatives of different political parties that managed the justice sector reform has been practically the same. “Help us as we will be unable to cope without you; give us money”. When reports were provided on the costs and the done work, these were every time sterile and false. The negative human factor was directly responsible for the justice sector reform and dashed any hope that this will be successfully completed.

Ana Ursachi considers the results of this year’s presidential elections showed that society became more mature and can demand more justice in Moldova from the politicians and the authorities. “The vote given to Maia Sandu was against Igor Dodon and showed that society hopes for a better life, but a better life without justice is absolutely impossible,” she stated. The November 15 vote showed that society mobilized and will demand responsibility for this vote. The country is much more prepared to reply to fakes, to corruption that wasn’t fully rooted out by the politicians in the Republic of Moldova.