It is simply Moldova. About the main events of 2018

In Moldova, it is simply to cancel the election results. The cancellation of the election results of the mayor of Chisinau is perhaps the main political event of the expiring year. The will of the citizens within free election does not matter if the election has been won by an opposition politician disliked by the authorities. In Moldova, it is of the importance who controls the judicial system and the Central Election Commission, the rest is nonsense.

In Moldova, it is simply to deport people directly to a Turkish prison. The expulsion of Turkish citizens who worked for the Orizont network of lyceums showed that the observance of legal procedures and human rights makes no matter to Moldovan authorities. In Moldova, it matters whom TV belongs to, the TV which tells that the children of Moldovan diplomats in Berlin are threatened by the “teachers -terrorists” with “beheading”. The fact that it turns out to be a low-grade fake is nothing: They won’t tell about it on TV.

In Moldova, it is simply to brand the politicians and journalists that criticize the authorities “Russian spies”. The scandal surrounding the Ludmila Kozlovskaya “Open Dialog” Foundation is another event of the year. The Moldovan opposition has been accused of illegally receiving money from the fund and “sabotage activities” against Moldova. And it does not matter that there was no evidence, and all the “investigation” within “Kozlovskaya case” is based on fakes. It is important that “Russian spies” are under discussion around the clock on TV, and that there are always deputies in parliament who are ready to “investigate” with a serious face and report publicly any nonsense.


In Moldova, it is simply to turn the businessmen convicted for the theft of one billion USD into a prominent politician. The appearance of the politician Ilan Shor to the Moldovan people is the fourth event of the year, evolving on par with the previous ones. In Moldova, it does not matter where the creator of collective farms and shops for the less fortune got the money, and it does not matter that this latter-day politician is accused of the biggest theft in the history of independent Moldova. It is important that he is kept on the hook by the one who controls the judicial system: He gives the necessary testimony, helps to eliminate the political rivals of the authorities and, diligently playing the role of a “lightning rod”, can get into the parliament, where he will as diligently do everything that the “Hook holder” wishes.