ISHR Ukraine provides humanitarian help in Sumy and Vinnytsia regions

Sumy region

Last week, the IAC ISHR shipped medicines to Putivl. For about a month, the city remained in the so-called “gray zone”, with broken logistics and non-functioning post offices. Because of this, pharmacies were empty and there was an urgent need for medicines: heart medications, for hypertension and others.

Now the IAC ISHR is planning to collect a special children’s cargo for the city and nearby villages (diapers, baby food and hygiene) in order to support our most beloved recipients – children and their mothers during this difficult period.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a difficult situation due to hostilities – contact us and we will try to help you.

Vinnytsia region

Today we have to support not only people in the combat zone, but also many social institutions and medical institutions. One of the paramedical stations of Vinnitsa region turned to the IAC ISHR for help in purchasing medical equipment and medicines. Thanks to our volunteer Vitalii Serdyuk, this paramedical station received everything necessary to provide quality medical care to the citizens and everyone who needs it.

Stay kind!

Be with ISHR!