Im Kampf für die Nichtdiskriminierung der LGBT-Gemeinschaft verletzte die Polizei die Rechte anderer Bürger

A group of Christians who took part in the protest against the LGBT march of May 19 ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to become involved and hold accountable the police officers who maintained public order. The Christians say they were groundlessly insulted by the police while they were demonstrating peacefully and remained profoundly traumatized and shocked by such behavior by the police.

In a news conference at IPN, priest Gennady Valuta said the group of Christians demonstrated not in order to fight with representatives of sexual minorities, but to oppose the pseudo-values promoted by these in a peaceful way. “We love everyone, but do not love the sin they attach to our Christian majority,” he stated.

The priest called on the country’s administration not to encourage the public events of the LGBT community. “Mister Filip, Mister Candu, Mister Plahotniuc, do not offer protectorate to the sexual minorities and do not allow to be involved in the race for the protectorate of homosexuality in the Republic of Moldova as God confuses your mind and you destroy yourself,” stated Gennady Valuta.

Igor Sarbu, the representative of the Youth Movement “Voievod”, said all the problems in society appear because the people started to distance themselves from God. ”I think these elements that come to us from Europe are somehow imposed on our authorities for offering them particular benefits instead. We accuse not only these participants in the parade, but also those public functionaries who sold their signature for authorizing these events,” he noted.

Jurist Radu Busila reminded that the supreme law, the Constitution, provides that the family is based on the non-imposed marriage between a man and a woman. No other adopted law can annul what it is specified in the Constitution, while the law on assembly bans the meetings that go against public morality.

Activist Sergiu Ungureanu said that even if he was rather far from the area were the LGBT march was being mounted, he was held by the police for half an hour for having his identity determined. He said he was witness to the violent police behavior. The police didn’t have precise information about the streets closed in the city in connection with the event, even if the law provides that any citizen has the right to ask for such information from the police.

The Christians submitted a public appeal to the Government, Parliament, the Ministry of the Interior, the Security and Intelligence Service and the candidates for mayor of Chisinau where they tell about the aggressive behavior by the police, which allowed for a number of procedural violations.

Videos showing parishioners trying to break the police cordon that separated the two camps of protesters on May 19, with the police later using teargas, have been disseminated recently. Another video showed how a woman who protested peacefully by the roadside close to the column of the LGBT marchers was taken by a police officer to an unknown direction.