In the European Parliament once again discussed the situation with human rights in Ukraine

Last week, the European Parliament held hearings on the situation with observance of human rights in Ukraine. In particular, issues of access to justice, the right to a fair trial and respect for the rights and guarantees of advocacy in Ukraine were discussed.

In addition to members of the European Parliament, civil society representatives and journalists from EU, the event was attended by lawyers, journalists and human rights activists from Ukraine and Israel, in particular attorneys Olga Prosyanyuk and Alexander Goroshinsky, journalists Ruslan Kotsaba and Anna Stefan. The International Society for Human Rights also took part in the meeting.

Members of the European Parliament, international experts and human rights activists discussed the issue of the rule of law and the inadmissibility of human rights violations. Participants discussed the facts of pressure on the court and lawyers, as well as the abuse of participation of public defenders in “political” cases. Attorneys Prosyanyuk and Goroshinsky told of the pressure on them in the so called “Maidan case” (a lawsuit against former President Viktor Yanukovych, accused of crimes against protesters on Maidan in the winter of 2013/2014). ISHR experts monitor this litigation and have already paid attention to the presence of pressure on lawyers, as well as abuse of the public defenders involved in the case with the aim of blocking the participation of the ex-president’s official lawyers (see more information here).

The annual report: “Monitoring of the observance of the right to a fair trial in Ukraine in 2017”, prepared by ISHR experts was presented to the participants. The Report focuses on the main trends in the field of human rights violations that contradict with international human rights law, primarily the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. The Report, available in Russian and English, aroused great interest among the audience. The text of the Report can be found here.