Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Oliver Varheli and UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi visited a reception center in Moldova

“We toured the pavilions together and the UN commissioner praised the titanic work of the Chisinau City Hall team and more than 500 volunteers from the Municipal Youth Center. He said that the UN is ready to help us with everything we need,” Ceban wrote.

Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban told the EU representatives how the process of refugees’ transportation is organized, what the procedure and conditions of accommodation are, as well as how the financial means are managed. At the same time, Ion Ceban mentioned that Chisinau should identify more places for refugees

The mayor general noted that a list of what is needed in the first place, so that it is possible to place permanently arriving people.

“I informed Filippo Grandi that, in addition to the Center at Moldexpo, the Chisinau City Hall manages 44 other locations in the city.

All refugees receive social, medical, educational and legal assistance, as many people do not have identity documents,” Cheban added.

The general mayor said refugees who travel to other countries are transported to customs checkpoints.

“To this end, we cooperate with partners in Romania, with embassies and NGOs.

Nevertheless, we once again call on the government to urgently set up new facilities for refugees in order to avoid a humanitarian crisis,” the mayor general added.

Concluding his visit to Moldexpo, European Commission Vice President Josep Borrel thanked the Moldovan authorities for supporting the Ukrainian refugees and said that Europe will continue to help Moldova and other countries of the region.

“Let me say a few words about my visit to the Republic of Moldova with Commissioner Oliver Varheli. We both underlined the solidarity of the European Union with the Republic of Moldova and expressed our gratitude and appreciation to the Moldovan people for their efforts and solidarity in hosting a large number of refugees.

Moldova is not the richest country in Europe, and it received such a big number of refugees. If you compare in terms of population, it is equivalent to if Spain had accepted over 1 million refugees. The situation in Moldova is unstable and they need urgent support. We are ready to offer it,” Josep Borrel said during a news conference.
During my visit to Moldova, I visited a reception centre for refugees. I have seen many refugees around the world, but it is heartbreaking. You never get used to such things,” he added.