Radio Liberty reported that law enforcers came to Daria Losik’s flat at 7:30am on October, 18 to conduct a search.

A criminal case may be opened against Daria for “promotion of extremist activity”. The main claim against Daria may lie in the fact that she recently gave an interview to Belsat TV channel, currently based in Poland. Here is how the Telegram channel “Svodki Centra” reacted to this interview:

Some individuals, while in Belarus, have been asking for trouble with the Law for a long time. They record interviews and appeals to all kinds of extremist formations.

Radio Liberty journalists found out that Daria had been detained for three days as part of a criminal case and taken to Brest. Paulina, 4-year-old daughter of Ihar and Daria, is currently staying with Daria’s parents.

Daria’s husband, journalist Ihar Losik, has remained behind bars for over two years. A criminal case was brought against him on charges of preparation to disorderly conduct and participation in mass riots. Belarusian human rights activists recognised Ihar Losik as a political prisoner.

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