A noisy action of protest was organized before the Chisinau Appeals Court building by the supporters of entrepreneur Nicolae Galici, against whom the CAC passed a decision earlier this week

Businessman’s supporters protest before the Chisinau Appeals Court against corrupt judges


The protesters were waving with big photographs of judges Alla Malii, Olga Cojocaru and Inna Dutca, whom they accused of corruption and of passing an unfair verdict. They also unfolded posters, reading: “Justice is not your business”, “Your immunity will not save you”, “Shame on you, corrupt judges”, “How much does court judgment cost?” “Resign now”, “Your place is in jail”.

Lawyer Sergiu Cotruta stated to journalists that Nicolae Galici has fallen new victim of the Moldovan justice, and told them his client’s story.

In 2013, Galici granted on lease his private building in Chisinau. But already on the following year, his tenant Ion Macovei decided to build an annex there.


“As it often happens in Chisinau, the tenant had neither permission from the building owner nor whatever permissive documents from municipal authorities. Then Galici demanded the tenant to vacate the building, but Macovei refused to. Subsequently, by acting through the court, Macovei managed to legitimize the illicit annex. Moreover, from April 2014 to December 2018 Macovei did not pay the rent”, said the lawyer.

In his words, Galici is firmly going to defend his rights by using legal means because he feels he may lose his property.

“We shall challenge this decision by the Chisinau Appeals Court

[second-instance] with the Supreme Court of Justice, and will apply to the Judiciary Inspection with a claim against the unlawful actions of this composition of the CAC. If we fail to find justice in Moldova, we shall apply to the European Court for Human Rights. This will mean that the Moldovan State will have to pay for the injustice of the CAC judges”, said the lawyer.


Source: infotag.md