Altercations and arrests as a result of nocturnal protest before Parliament Building

Two men, who in the evening of July 19 took part in a protest staged by the Political Party “Our Party” (PPPN) in front of the Parliament Building against the intention to discuss the amendment of the Election Code this week, were arrested by the police. The two supporters of the PPPN had an inappropriate behavior during the protest and were taken to the Police Inspectorate after they refused to obey a policeman’s demand, IPN reports, with reference to the Ministry of the Interior.

The police said several altercations between protesters and police officers mobilized to maintain public order occurred during the protest. The policemen intervened to thwart the illegal acts of some of the participants in the protest, who intended to illegally put up tents on sidewalks.

In the first half of July 19, the extraparliamentary parties PAS, PPPDA and PPPN announced they will mount protests against the amendment of the Election Code starting at 9am on July 20. Later, about 100 supporters of the PPPN, came together before the Parliament Building in the evening to express their dissatisfaction with the decision of the Parliament’s Standing Bureau to debate the bill to change the electoral system this week.

The event involved the deputy heads of the PPPN Dmitri Chubashenko and Ilian Casu. Some of the protesters remained near the Parliament Building for the night, while others went to the Police Inspectorate to demand that those arrested be set free.