Lithuania, Kupiškis. Humanitarian aid for refugees

Dear friends and supporters, human rights defenders,

on June 26, 2023, a transport with humanitarian aid arrived from Wittlich to Northern Lithuania/Kupiškis. We were very much looking forward to this transport, as the need for such things is always great and will be even greater in the future. More and more Ukrainians, as well as Belarusians and Russians, who see no future in their homeland, are coming to Lithuania. The situation is tense, especially on the Belarusian border and in Kaliningrad. Our goal is to constantly support the refugees with humanitarian aid, so that they have everything they need, we do our best in order these people are not forgotten. Lithuania is a small country, and we do not have many resources ourselves. But solidarity and unity mean a lot in our country.

The help of IGFM Wittlich is essential for our survival. We have set up a warehouse in Kupiškis where people can come, choose and get things for their needs. The warehouse is rented for free by a local farmer and IGFM Lithuanian section, because our work is appreciated here and the farmer considers it very important. The 555th transport with humanitarian aid arrived to us. Congratulations to Katrin Bornmüller and IGFM Wittlich for such a great achievement! Thank you for your help!


Jurgita Samoskiene

IGFM Lithuanian section