The number of refugees from Ukraine who registered for temporary protection or similar national protection schemes in European Union countries stood at 3.207 million, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on its website.


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Poland has the largest number of refugees with the status of temporary protection – 1 million 169.5 thousand, while according to the Polish Border Guard Service, 4.166 million people arrived from Ukraine from the beginning of the war until June 18, and 2.195 million people left for Ukraine in the opposite direction.

Next are Germany and the Czech Republic, where 641,39 thousand and 373,82 thousand refugees from Ukraine were registered for temporary protection respectively.

The UN, citing government data, points out that in Germany, where Ukrainians are allowed to stay without registration until the end of August, a total of 780 thousand refugees from Ukraine have been registered. Based on the data provided, a large part of them have not yet applied for temporary protection status in that country.

In the Czech Republic, according to the UN, the situation is different. Almost all of them, 373,82 thousand out of 373,97 thousand, have applied for protection.

In the vast majority of other countries the picture is similar to the Czech Republic: the statistics of registered refugees is fully or almost equal to the statistics of those applying for protection, probably due to the specificity of their registration. The only exceptions, like Germany, are Romania with 37.83 thousand out of 90.3 thousand registered refugees, Estonia with 27.49 out of 42.26 thousand and Italy with 97.31 out of 129.62 thousand.

Apart from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, more than 50 thousand refugees from Ukraine were also registered for the temporary protection status in Spain – 119.74 thousand, France – 87.97 thousand, Slovakia – 78.11 thousand (from the net inflow of 270 thousand at the border since the war began), Austria – 71.83 thousand, Britain – 70.5 thousand, the Netherlands – 64.48 thousand and Switzerland – 55.92 thousand.

At the same time, the number of refugees with a status of temporary protection in Lithuania has decreased from 53.89 thousand to 46.55 thousand for a week.

Next comes Belgium – 46.85 thousand, Portugal – 42.15 thousand, Sweden – 38.05 thousand, Ireland – 36.91, Denmark – 28.29 thousand, Latvia – 26.8 thousand and Finland – 26.75 thousand, and the above mentioned Romania and Estonia.

From 10 to 25 thousand refugees from Ukraine with temporary protection status in Hungary – 24.45 thousand, Norway – 18.51 thousand, Greece – 14.89 thousand, Croatia – 14.26 thousand, and Cyprus – 13.05 thousand.

In addition, UN statistics on refugees granted temporary protection status are shown in Slovenia – 7.1 thousand, Luxembourg – 5.25 thousand, Montenegro – 3.98 thousand, Iceland – 0.9 thousand, Malta – 0.92 thousand, Serbia and Kosovo – 0.75 thousand and Liechtenstein – 0.22 thousand.

The table also includes data from Bulgaria, which probably contains an error: 79,200 refugees from Ukraine were registered there, but 114,88,000 received the status of protection.

The UN also indicated the countries with registered refugees from Ukraine but without data on their status: Moldova – 85,500, Georgia – 20,39 thousand, Azerbaijan – 4,84 thousand, Albania – 1,53 thousand, North Macedonia – 1,21 thousand, Armenia – 0.49 thousand and Bosnia and Herzegovina – 0.33 thousand.

Turkey, which a week ago reported 145,000 refugees from Ukraine, is now excluded from the data.

Russia and Belarus should be specified separately, with 1 million 230.8 thousand people and 16.66 thousand people crossing the Ukrainian border respectively. In the information of the UN it is stated that in the Russian Federation all who crossed the border were recorded, whereas in Belarus there were 9.01 thousand. There is no data on any status of these people, as well as data on the crossing of the Ukrainian border in the opposite direction.

As of June 16, according to the UN data, 7.704 mil people have left Ukraine since the war started, and 2.559 mil people have returned (data of Hungary, Russia and Belarus are missing). According to this information, the UN estimates the total number of refugees since the war starts to be about 4.9 mil, including over 1.2 mil to Russia.

The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine because of the war unleashed by Russia is estimated by the UNHCR at more than 7.1 million. In addition, it estimates that some 15.7 million people require humanitarian assistance and protection.

UNHCR indicates that by mid-2021, there were only 53,47,000 Ukrainian refugees worldwide, including 36,49,000 in Europe.

As of mid-2020, UNHCR estimated that there were 6.1m Ukrainian diasporas worldwide, including 5m in Europe.