Igor Dodon becomes President of Moldova. Constitutional Court validated the elections.

Constitutional Court validated the result of the presidential election and the Moldovan President term. Therefore, Igor Dodon becomes the fifth president of the Republic of Moldova.

In the context of submitted appeal to the Constitutional Court by the team of the electoral candidate Maia Sandu, who demanded the cancellation of the results of the runoff vote on grounds of violation of the right to vote in the diaspora, the president of the constitutional court Alexandru Tanase said that the cancellation of elections may intervene if the voting and determining of the results were held in fraud, but not any fraud, only the one that is able to influence the election results. The Constitutional Court does not have the necessary tools to produce evidence or to hear witnesses and all disputes were to be examined by the ordinary courts.

Electoral bodies and the ordinary courts were to examine the complaints, not to decline powers, stressed Alexandru Tanase. In this context, the Constitutional Court considers it necessary to present an address to Parliament to clarify the legislation in terms of handling complaints in the electoral field.

Alexandru Tanase said that, given the difference of over 67 thousand votes between the two candidates who have access to the second round, Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu, when taking into account the more than 4000 complaints filed by citizens over declaring that citizens living abroad could not vote, it is not able to change the outcome of the election. However, given that many people were unable to vote abroad, the Court considers it necessary to draw up a note to the Parliament to regulate the voting process abroad, including the provision of polling stations with backup ballots.

Overall, the Court has prepared six addresses to the Parliament for the elimination of gaps from the legislative framework.

We recall that after the presidential runoff from November 13, Igor Dodon won defeating PAS leader, Maia Sandu.

With the announcement of the results, both Sandu and Diaspora representatives have appealed the CEC decision in court. According to them during the elections there were numerous violations of the electoral process.


Source: deschide.md

Igor Dodon becomes President of Moldova

Photo: Maksim Andreev, NewsMaker