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Richtig für gesunde Umwelt

Richtig für gesunde Umwelt Our health is directly influenced by the environment that we live in. That is why the right to a healthy environment is one of the most important environmental human rights. Because of powerful economic and socio-political forces involved, it is very challenging to make sure that this rights are taken seriously and respected. But exactly because of this difficulty to draw attention and respect, it becomes even more important that we do so. Mehr lesen...

Universelle Umweltrechte

Universal Environmental Rights Universal human rights is one of the most challenging and pressing of our rights that should be addressed at this point in history. We reached a point in our development so that this aspect of basic human rights is most needed and least available. Weather we like or not we live in the environmental era. That is why environmental human rights are of a crucial importance for democracy in general. It is because at this point in time humans Mehr lesen...

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